Discover How Collagen Stimulation Can Improve Skin And Reduce Wrinkles

Published: 18th January 2009
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Are you sick and tired of buying skin creams containing collagen, that are supposed to help reduce wrinkles - but don't make any difference to them!

Well, it's no wonder they don't work... because they're not able to. You see collagen itself is not a collagen stimulant; therefore it can't help re-grow it in your skin.

Secondly, Its molecules are too large to fit through your top skin layer (epidermis), Accordingly, if they can't get through to where your collagen matrix exists, nothing will happen other than a little moisturizing to your skin.

Therefore, don't throw your money away buying a skin cream containing collagen expecting it to help produce more of this protein and further reduce your fine lines and wrinkles.

However, a new natural skin cream entered the market just over six months ago that can contribute to collagen stimulation and increased production. The company uses the latest cutting edge nano technology ingredients that can stimulate collagen to re-grow in your skin.

Over 30% of your body's proteins are made up from keratin, elastin and collagen. Keratin has an important structural role in skin, hair and nails. Amino acid (cysteine) has a lot to do with keratins strength.

A small company in New Zealand has developed an innovative way to convert natural keratin into functional keratinTM (bio-available to the body). This breakthrough-patented process enables the intact keratin molecule to be solubilzed making it bio-available to the body.

The substance Cynergy TKTM that contains this functional keratinTM can penetrate deep down through your top skin layer (epidermis) to reach and stimulate collagen and elastin proteins to re-grow.

The bottom line is it's now possible to produce more collagen and elastin proteins in your skin using a new age anti-aging skin cream. Even in a reasonably short time you can expect to get positive fine line and wrinkle reduction.

I have been using a particular New Zealand anti-wrinkle collagen stimulation skin cream for just over 7 weeks now, and have noticed a substantial reduction in bags and sagging skin under my eyes. My facial skin has plumped, many fine lines have already disappeared and my deeper wrinkles are noticeably reduced.

In conclusion, as far as I'm concerned there is no doubt about it. The new generation collagen stimulation creams do have the capacity to effect facial fine lines and wrinkles, by increasing the depth of collagen and elasticity of elastin within your skin.

Visit my website, to see which new natural safe cutting edge collagen stimulation skin cream, I now chose to use daily to help my skin take on a more youthful appearance.

Kathryn M. Reid is trained in, and has many years experience in skin care management, she now recommends and uses natural skin care products daily. If your looking for a new all natural skin care solution, visit my site today

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