Discover How To Make The Body Produce Collagen - Naturally!

Published: 19th December 2008
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If you're over 35 years old you have more than likely have heard of, and know a little about collagen. If you haven't - you soon will? Your losing it every day, and won't get it back any time soon, unless you do something positive about it?

Many parts of your body need collagen, it's your main connective tissue and makes up about 30% of your body protein content. It's a triple helix fibrous structure that supports most tissues and gives cells structure from the outside, it is also found inside certain cells. There are more than 28 types of collagen. However 90% of collagen found in your body is type 1 through 4. Collagen type 1 relating to skin is the one we are interested in.

That's enough technical stuff - you get the general idea. What you need to understand is collagen breaks down and degenerates as we age creating fine lines that gradually over time become deeper wrinkles.

To stop and even reverse this process of wrinkling you need to be able to increase your levels of collagen. In the past this has been done on a short-term basis by injecting collagen under the skin where you have wrinkles. This process increases the volume and reduces the depth of the wrinkle. However, the down side is you have to get more injections every 6 to 9 months, its time consuming and costly. A little pain is involved and you could have a negative or allergic reaction.

Now I'm going to share with you a much easier way how to make your body produce collagen. Unlike having injections - it's not time consuming or painful, it's cost effective and can be continually applied over long periods of time. And best of all, it does actually make a difference.

To produce more collagen requires you to stimulate your own body's natural supply. In other words - you are going to use an external ingredient contained in skin cream to make your body grow more collagen. This is now possible using nano technology developed by a New Zealand manufacturer using their patented method.

This ingredient called Cynergy TK that contains functional keratinTM which is unique and very similar to the basic protein found in human skin. It's powerfully effective rejuvenating the skin, and it's almost like applying a liquid skin to your face. It can penetrate through the skin to stimulate collagen and elastin protein re-growth.

Finally, choose the easy, cost effective way to increase your collagen levels and reduce wrinkles. Why bother wasting your time and money on injections, or collagen creams that don't work. After researching the market, I personally have chosen this realistic simple, inexpensive anti wrinkle skin care option.

Now you know the facts on how to make the body produce collagen. Visit my website below, to find out which natural anti wrinkle skin care cream, can help you increase your own collagen regrowth level.

Kathryn M. Reid is trained in, and has many years experience in skin care management, she now recommends and uses natural skin care products daily. Are you ready to try a natural skin care remedy? If so, visit my site to discover the best, most cost effective natural skin care range available today.

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