How To Increase Your Collagen Elastin Levels Using A New Collagen Elastin Skin Remedy

Published: 09th January 2009
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I don't know about you, but I'll bet that... most people would be interested to find out about a new collagen elastin skin remedy, that can actually stimulate your body to produce more of these two vital proteins.

If you didn't already know - the two main reasons why your skin ages and wrinkles is because you lose collagen and elastin. This is caused by your own natural aging process, and direct exposure to UV-A rays.

Collagen and elastin proteins are very important for skin structure and elasticity. They account for approximately 30% of your body's total protein content; this reduces each year as you age. Therefore, it makes sense that if you can find a way of re-growing these two vital proteins your skin will improve, wrinkles will reduce and you will regain a more youthful skin.

Only a few months ago a small New Zealand company already well known for their superior natural supplements, released a new natural skin care range of products, many of them contain a special substance called Cynergy TKTM.

Cynergy TKTM is a unique patented form of 'bio-active' keratin. Keratin a natural protein found throughout the body has an important structural role in your skin. Converting keratin into functional keratinTM form is a recent technical breakthrough that enables it to be readily available to the skin. In this form it can stimulate your own collagen and elastin proteins to grow again

Obviously, if you now have a means to grow collagen and elastin, over time their levels will increase, your fine lines will slowly disappear, and you will gradually notice your deep wrinkles reduce... helping your skin to regain a more youthful appearance.

Unfortunately, many people who start using a new anti wrinkle skin care cream have unrealistic expectations. They often believe they will notice a major change in just a few applications; this is not usually the case. Realistically, your body needs time to adjust, only then can you expect to start noticing a change. It might take a couple of weeks of constant application morning and nighttime for any noticeable improvement. However, with persistence it will happen for you.

In conclusion, new technology enables products like Cynergy TKTM with functional keratinTM to be effective as a collagen elastin skin remedy. Clinical trials have proven that Cynergy TKTM can re-grow collagen and elastin and rejuvenate skin cells.

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Kathryn M. Reid is trained in, and has many years experience in skin care management, she now recommends and uses natural skin care products daily. If your looking for a new all-natural skin care solution, visit my site today

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